Remote Support

Internet Access Required

This is by far the fastest way to get support for your PC, MAC, and most Mobile Devices. An email will be sent directly to you; click on the provided link:

  • Utility Downloads
  • Open Utility
  • Give the Tech Your ID Number
  • Support Begins Immediately

We can provide training, perform maintenance on your Computer, install software and printers, remove malware/spyware, or troubleshoot most issues by Remote Connection.

*Internet access is required for Remote Support

Call 314.918.TECH (8324) to get started!

Computer-Electronics Setup

Computers, TV's, Printers, Routers, Cameras, Roku, Mobile Devices, Tablets...etc. Please inquire.

We all have the love for the latest and greatest electronics on the market, but sometimes we need assistance getting started with the actual setup.

New PC setup may require transferring/importing data from other systems, creating email accounts or setting up Outlook or other Clients to manage email. 

Installing security software, and Windows security patches are critical for initial setup.

Computers need software for video/sound to support websites and media content. Software installation for basic functionality is often overlooked. Microsoft/Apple user accounts for services, and User account age appropriate profiles for Internet safety should be considered.

Once all the setup is complete, and all devices are talking to each other, we can offer a tutorial to get you started with basic functionality. Call us, We Can Help!

Software Training/Installation/Troubleshooting

Personalized To Your Goals

We offer support, not limited to the following:

  • Windows-All Versions
  • MAC-All Versions
  • Android-All Versions
  • Apple iOS-All versions
  • Office applications: Excel, Publisher, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook...etc.
  • Open Source Software
  • Proprietary programs or custom software

Tell us what you are wanting to accomplish, or the software you're planning to setup and use. We Can Help!

Internet Security-Virus Removal

Online Threats

We've all been, or know a victim of hackers, phishing schemes, malware, spyware, root kits, identity theft, you name it. These threats are out there like landmines waiting for you to accidentally step on one, infecting your Computer/Device(s).

Your system may already be infected; running slow or things acting erratically. Let us inspect your system and offer security options, and start the clean-up process.

PC Maintenance and Repair

Computers Need It Too

Computers are no different than: cars, houses, and our own bodies for that matter. Computers need to be cleaned of infections, and software updated to the latest supported versions.

Windows may need to be updated, repaired, or re-installed to make your system run at it's best. Obsolete or rogue programs, temp files, and pesky tool-bars should be removed on a regular basis.

Keep a maintenance schedule for a healthy computer. We Can Help!

We also replace:

  • Laptop keyboards
  • Laptop Screens
  • Upgrade RAM for better performance
  • Replace damaged Hard-Drives or add additional Drives to the system for local storage

Data Backup and Transfer

Be Safe, Not Sorry!

We spend most of our online lives gathering data from multiple sources, enjoying pictures and music; creating or storing important documents of every kind. One day you wake to find your computer has failed, and all of it's contents LOST! 

Did you backup your data? Most of us do not think to, but there are many, many ways and techniques to do so. There is a solution that makes sense for you. We Can Help!

Web Design

Small Business Solution

Are you new small business owner/hobbyist/blogger/organized group, or need to build an Internet presence? Would you like assistance developing a website, creating a domain, or setting up web-mail? We Can Help!

We capture your ideas, gather information, photos, testimonials, and the vision for your online message. We partner with you throughout the process, and launch the site when it's to your satisfaction.


Let's Talk

We've assisted clients over the years with the topics listed above, and several others that haven't been noted.

In short, if you have a question regarding anything that has a chip in it, or want to bounce an idea off us...who knows, we may be able to help!

Thanks for Visiting!